Our Microsoft Word
training course
saves you time because
it’s tailored to your needs

You can waste a lot of time attending an off the shelf Microsoft Word training course.

Why? Because off the shelf courses tend to cover topics you will never need and functions you will never use. They also have a tendency to tell you stuff you already know.

Bespoke training
By contrast our course is carefully tailored to your needs. We speak to you before the training to understand your level of experience and personal requirements. Then we create a course to fit.

In this way we ensure valuable training time is focused on the issues that matter to you.

What you learn
This is a practical, hands-on course with skill building exercises to get you quickly up to speed. To a large extent the course content is decided by you, but it can include expert guidance on topics such as:

  • mail merge
  • envelopes and labels
  • headers and footers
  • page numbering
  • margins and tabs
  • tables and columns
  • templates
  • hyperlinks
  • comments and tracking changes
  • tables of contents
  • importing spreadsheets and graphs
  • graphics, clipart and WordArt.

We can also show you how to:

  • use shortcut keys
  • customise your toolbars and menus
  • work faster with macros
  • exploit functions you didn’t know existed.

This is your opportunity to really master the world's most popular word processing package. Simply draw up a list of all the word processing tasks you need to carry out and we will show you how they can be done more effectively.

Who should attend
Our Microsoft Word training courses can be adapted for users at all levels, and are suitable for groups of two to four people. A one-to-one master class is also available.

Attend one of our bespoke courses and using Microsoft Word will become a whole lot easier. Our tailored approach means you can learn Word and get to grips with its many functions in the way that best suits you.

We recommend this course if:

  • you are fairly new to Microsoft Word and would like to go right back to basics

  • you have experience of Word but are keen to extend your skills

  • you are a long time Word user but recognise there are powerful features which you are failing to use

  • there are specific tasks you have to perform in Word which are causing you difficulty

  • you would like additional hints and tips to help you word process your documents more efficiently.

Our prices
All prices for our Microsoft Word training course exclude VAT.

There are three main options:

  • a one-day course for one to four people, charged at £450

  • a half-day course for one person, priced at £225

  • a half-day course for two to four people, costing £275.

Please note: these courses are only available as in-company training in London and the Home Counties.

Contact details
For more information about this bespoke course or to make a booking, please call: 020 8773 4718.

Or email: david.gabriel@strawberrytraining.co.uk

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