Save time and money
with our two-day workshop:
'Computer Repair Training'

What do you do when your PC crashes? Curse? Go online for help? Call a repair firm?

Our Computer Repair Training workshop could make all those actions unnecessary. In many cases, instead of seeking advice from other people, you could resolve the fault yourself.

Common problems
In two highly interactive days we’ll show you how to diagnose many of the common problems that affect PCs, and how to fix them.

And with your new found knowledge you'll be able to carry out basic tasks like adding a new chip or replacing a faulty disk or power supply, without seeking outside help.

Keeping it simple
We keep everything on our computer repair course as simple as possible. This means you don’t have to be a computer buff or have a technical background to benefit.

Many people who have been trained by our PC expert were computer repair novices before they attended his workshop.

Why choose Computer Repair Training?
If you enrol on one of these workshops, the skills you gain could save you a lot of money in computer servicing charges.

What’s more, when any of the problems we cover in the course occur, you’ll be on site and ready to fix them. You won’t have to wait for a gap in an engineer’s schedule or allow time for him or her to travel to you.

If a problem is beyond your technical level, you can still benefit. When the engineer arrives you can save time and money by advising him or her on the diagnostic steps you have already taken.

What you learn
During our Computer Repair Training workshop we give you:

  • a guided tour of the essential parts of a PC
  • a full understanding of what those parts do and how they work together
  • hands-on experience of diagnosing common faults
  • techniques for dealing with the faults you identify
  • an introduction to the simple tools needed to repair computers
  • clear guidance on how to use those tools correctly
  • a checklist of questions to ask PC users experiencing difficulties
  • invaluable hints and tips that will boost your confidence in dealing with faults
  • strategies for handling those problems that fall outside the scope of your technical abilities.

What you gain
By the end of the two days you’ll have a set of tools which you can apply successfully to a wide range of PC faults.

We’ll provide you with tried and tested techniques that can allow you to employ your computer servicing skills with confidence and authority.

To get your role in computer maintenance off to a flying start, we also offer a free support service. If within one month of the training you face a problem you cannot resolve, we will give you one hour of computer maintenance support at your premises - free of charge.

Only people who have attended our Computer Repair Training workshop qualify for this special offer.

Who should attend
Computer Repair Training lasts two days and is suitable for groups of two to six people. It can be run as an open workshop for individuals from different organisations, or as an in-company workshop for people from the same organisation. A one-to-one master class package is also available.

We recommend this workshop if:

  • you would like to acquire new skills in computer repair and maintenance
  • you want to avoid the hassle of calling out an engineer or taking your PC to a repair centre every time a problem occurs
  • you wish to cut PC repair charges in your organisation by training staff to handle basic computer faults in-house
  • you have little knowledge of the inner workings of a PC and would like to remedy this
  • you already have some understanding of PC repair but have never received formal computer maintenance training
  • you often have to upgrade PCs by adding chips or cards and would like to do this without calling in an engineer.

Before we train people we assess their suitability for the training. If we think our Computer Repair Training workshop is not right for you, we'll tell you well in advance so you can make other arrangements.

Bespoke training
If you enrol on one of these workshops, you’ll find our approach very simple. Before the training takes place, we speak to you to understand your needs. Then we design a workshop that takes your needs into account.

By tailoring the training in this way, we ensure it offers the maximum benefit to all who attend. As far as we know, we are the only UK training provider to offer such a tailored approach to PC repair at such competitive prices.

Our prices
All prices listed for this two-day workshop exclude VAT. Prices start from around £660 per person for group bookings of six people.

Our three main pricing options are:

  • a one-to-one master class - £960
  • an open course for two to six people - £498 per person
  • group bookings for two to six people – see table below.

Group bookings for in-company training at your workplace - or off-site at our UK training centre in Surrey - are charged at the following rates:

Number of
Total cost Cost per
2 £1,992 £996
3 £2,580 £860
4 £3,120 £780
5 £3,580 £716
6 £3,960 £660

Please note, for in-company training an additional fee may be charged to cover our trainer's travel expenses and, if necessary, overnight accommodation.

What's in a name?
When we were thinking of a name for our computer maintenance training workshops, we were unsure what to choose.

Should we call them 'Computer Maintenance Courses' or 'Computer Repair Courses'? What if we combined the two and called them 'Computer Maintenance and Repair Courses'? Or how about 'PC Repair Courses' or 'Learn Computer Repair'? We even toyed with "DIY PC Repair'.

In the end we decided the name which works best is Computer Repair Training. Ultimately, it's not the name that counts, but the quality of the training. On that score we have no doubts.

If you are looking for expert guidance on repairing many of the common faults that affect PCs, we are confident this workshop delivers the tools and skills you need.

Contact details
For more about our Computer Repair Training workshop or to make a booking, please call: 020 8773 4718.

Or email:

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