Find training
that’s right for you
using a 19th century tool

If you want to find training that's right for you, your first port of call is likely to be the web.

Within seconds you can have access to the details of hundreds of courses. All you have to do is find the best one.

Impressive training
But how can you be sure the course you eventually pick is best for you? An impressive sales page, doesn't necessarily mean impressive training.

Wouldn't it be great if some clever person could develop a tool that took your search just that one step further. A tool that could help you decide whether the course you've found on the internet really is the one you need?

Well, it turns out such a tool already exists and it's been around since the 19th century.

A tool to help you find training
It's known as a telephone and when it comes to helping you find training and reassuring you that you've found the best option, you'd be hard pressed to beat it.

Websites are good at letting you gather general details about a training provider and their courses. However, when you have to decide whether a particular course meets your specific needs, a website can have its limitations.

If you want to be sure a course is worthwhile, you may have to do more investigating. And the best way to do that is by talking directly to the trainer by phone.

Ask searching questions
Most reputable training companies will be sympathetic to this. They are generally pleased to pass you on to the person who runs the course so you can put your questions directly to them.

Before you have this conversation, however, you should draw up a list of your needs. Ask yourself a few searching questions, such as:

  • which parts of my skill set do I want to improve?
  • what problems do I face in my work that I need help with?
  • if this were to be the perfect course for me, what would I want to gain from it?

Tangible benefits
The more issues like this you can identify, the more valuable your phone call with the trainer can be. Always remember, your aim is to ensure the course offers you tangible benefits.

Obviously, you don’t want to take up too much of the trainer's time, but they should be willing to spare a few minutes on the phone to answer your questions.

All our trainers at Strawberry Training are very receptive to such enquiries. Nothing pleases us more than to hear from someone who takes their training so seriously that they want to speak to us before booking a course.

It means that if they choose to attend, we are assured of a highly motivated student.

Avoiding disappointment
However, if it turns out our course is not quite right for them, no harm will have been done. The caller won't have wasted their time attending an unsuitable course, and we will have avoided having a disappointed customer in one of our training rooms.

So don't hold back. If you find a course that interests you, give the company promoting it a call. If they are unwilling to let you speak to their trainer, we suggest you look elsewhere.

One thing we can promise. If you call Strawberry Training, you’ll get a customer friendly response. And if one of our courses doesn’t offer everything you need, our trainers can often adapt it to meet your requirements.

Providing tailored training is, after all, something we do all the time.

Making the right choice
So take your time and don’t be shy about phoning a trainer.

We're the first to admit the internet is great for tracking down information. But when you are trying to find training that’s just right for you, 21st century technology may not be enough.

It may be time to reach for a tool that’s been around since 1876.

Contact details
If you want to know more about any of our courses, please give us a call. We’ll put you in touch with the appropriate trainer who will be happy to answer all your questions. Call us on: 020 8773 4718.

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