Management training courses
to boost your business career

Our bespoke management training courses are designed to help you enjoy even greater success in your career.

Wherever you are based in the UK or EU, you can benefit from our tailored management skills training. Our expert trainers teach tried and tested principles that can be applied directly to your everyday working situation.

Three courses are currently available in this category:

How To Run A Meeting
Ideal for anyone in the early stages of a management career, this half-day workshop covers the key principles of meetings management, offering powerful tips and techniques that even experienced managers forget to employ.

To learn more please see our full course description.

Time Management
Time is the most precious commodity we have. This half day workshop shows you how to make the most efficient use of it. We'll introduce you to simple but powerful time management systems that can boost your productivity.

For more details please see our full course description.

Train The Trainer
Your organisation is almost certainly sitting on an untapped goldmine – namely the knowledge and expertise of its employees. This course shows you how to unlock that expertise and make it available to others who need it.

In one intensive day we’ll show you how to be an effective corporate trainer, able to transfer your skills to others within your organisation and outside.

For more details please see our full course description.

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