Tailored blogging course
makes it easy for you
to write effective blogs

Presented by a professional blogger, our one-day blogging course spells out exactly what you must do to create and maintain a successful blog.

Our tutor breaks down the whole blog writing process into practical steps. He'll show you how to set up and run a blog that can help you achieve your communication goals.

Powerful tool
A well written blog can be a powerful tool for raising the profile of your company or organisation and its products or services. Successful bloggers sidestep traditional press and broadcast media to take their message directly to key audiences.

But every blog is different and every blogger has different needs.

That’s why ‘How to write more effective blogs’, is carefully tailored to individual requirements.

Customised blogging training
Before you attend, our tutor will speak to you to find out about your personal objectives and your level of experience. He will then customise the course content to fit your profile.

Send him examples of material you have written – either blogs or other online or offline text – and he will give you constructive feedback on your writing.

Besides identifying your strengths as a writer and potential blogger, he will also highlight areas where he believes you can further develop your writing skills.

Practical blog writing tips
‘How to write more effective blogs’ offers a mix of practical tips, skill-building exercises and insightful review sessions. Throughout, the emphasis is on providing tried and tested techniques, that you can apply immediately to your own blog writing.

A key feature of the training is that the tutor is himself a successful professional web writer who writes a regular blog for a major international company.

As a result, his course is packed with insider tips on blogging based on his own experience and those of his professional colleagues.

From public relations to healthcare
Our tutor has run training courses for people in practically every sector of industry. This includes:

  • public relations
  • journalism
  • publishing
  • finance
  • energy
  • education
  • information technology
  • healthcare.

Government training
He also has considerable experience of training people employed in local government, national government and the European Commission.

Whatever sector of the economy you work in and whatever niche your blog is addressing, our tutor can almost certainly tailor his course to your needs.

What our blog writing course provides
Our tailored blog writing course provides you with:

  • the key principles of effective blogging
  • essential resources for blog writers
  • simple techniques to transform the readability of your blogs
  • practical advice on how to moderate reader comments
  • vital blogging tools to help you produce well crafted professional blogs.

In addition, our tutor will show you how to:

  • plan your blog
  • generate strong, creative ideas week after week
  • develop your own unique blogging persona
  • breathe extra life into your words
  • speed up the writing process
  • overcome blogger’s block
  • promote your blog and build an audience
  • optimise your blog posts for the search engines
  • avoid common blogging mistakes.

Who should attend
'How to write more effective blogs' can be run for groups of two to six people. A one-to-one master class is also available.

We recommend this course if:

  • you are planning to start a blog but have little or no experience of blogging
  • you are already a blogger but feel you are running out of steam and your blog could do with a makeover
  • your competitors are making good use of blogging and you are keen to respond with a well written blog of your own
  • you want to take your blog to the next level by developing your online writing skills and acquiring expertise in SEO copywriting.

Our prices
We can run this course for you at our South London training centre or at your offices, anywhere in the UK or EU.

Our rates for a one-day course are:

Number of people Total cost Cost per person
1 to 3 £1,260 £420 to £1,260
4 £1,440 £360
5 £1,640 £328
6 £1,800 £300

All prices exclude VAT.

Please note: for courses run outside the UK we charge a minimum fee of £1,440.

For courses run at your offices, an additional fee may be charged to cover our trainer's travel expenses and, if necessary, overnight accommodation. Every effort will be made to keep these costs to an absolute minimum.

We also offer a two-day blog writing course. For more details please call the number at the foot of this page.

Our other blogging courses
If you're looking for more specialised training to help you as a blogger, you might find it useful to check out two other training workshops we run:

On the other hand, if English is not your first language, you may want to consider attending our course:
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Or let us write it for you
If you're unsure if you have the time to write a weekly blog, you might consider using a new, low-cost service we've launched.

Earlier this year we put together our very own team of highly experienced writers to start producing blogs for our clients on a regular basis. Consisting of professional bloggers and journalists, this team has written for a variety of businesses on a broad range of topics.

Check out: the Strawberry Blog Writing Service.

Where we train
As a bespoke training provider based in the London Borough of Sutton we run courses:

  • at our South London training centre - in Carshalton, Surrey just 30 minutes from Central London
  • at your offices - anywhere in the United Kingdom or the European Union.

Our trainers have worked in every region of the UK and in most major EU countries.

They have helped to train hundreds of professionals from all sectors of the economy. That includes people from local and national government as well as from small, medium and large businesses.

If you're looking to develop your blog writing skills, call us today and we will talk you through the options.

And finally . . .
At the end of the training session we will issue you with an official course certificate to confirm you have attended.

We will also give you the trainer’s phone number and email address. This is a free service we offer. It allows you to contact the trainer, after the course, if you have any follow-up questions about what you have learned.

Contact details
For more information on our bespoke blogging course or to make a booking, please call: 020 8773 4718.

Or email: bruce@strawberrytraining.co.uk

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