How To Write A Newsletter:
a virtual workshop
for writers and editors

In just two half-day sessions, delivered via Zoom, we'll teach you how to write a newsletter that fully supports the goals of your organisation.

This customised course shows you how to create a print or digital newsletter your target audiences will want to read. We explain exactly what you must do, issue by issue, to attract and hold their interest.

Are you making this classic mistake?
During the course, we highlight a classic mistake which so many newsletters make. This is something that can result in your publication becoming almost worthless as a promotional tool.

We not only explain what that mistake is, we make sure you leave our course knowing how to avoid replicating it in your own publication.

And the good news is that it’s relatively simple to fix. So simple, in fact, you’ll wonder why people fail to correct it.

This piece of advice on its own will greatly enhance the readability of your newsletter, making it easier for you to connect with your readers.

Carefully tailored
As part of the training we will also give you a constructive critique of your publication. We'll tell you what is working well, and what may benefit from a different approach.

Throughout, our aim is to provide practical advice carefully tailored to your requirements. To help us do this, we speak to you before the course, to ensure we understand your needs.

Good journalistic practice
Our How To Write A Newsletter course is packed with tried and tested tips and skill-building exercises. It shows you how good journalistic practice can be applied to a variety of online and offline publications.

Publications that can benefit include: staff newsletters, corporate newsletters, charity newsletters, customer magazines, employee magazines and a wide range of subscription-based journals.

What you learn
Among other things, we teach you how to:

  • create a strong identity for your publication
  • develop an effective house style and editorial policy
  • identify suitable news stories and features
  • create eye-catching headlines and powerful opening paragraphs
  • capture and hold the reader’s attention.

We also show you how to:

  • make your articles flow smoothly
  • breathe more life into uninspiring stories
  • use quotes effectively
  • use typography and layout to boost readability
  • organise photos and illustrations.

What you gain
By the end of these two virtual sessions you will have a clear understanding of how to write and edit an effective newsletter or enewsletter. You'll also understand how to plan editorial content and promote your publication successfully.

Whether your newsletter is paper-based or delivered electronically, you will have the skills to turn it into a high-quality publication packed with reader value.

Who should attend
How To Write A Newsletter is suitable for groups of two to six people. It's also available as a one-to-one master class.

You are most likely to benefit from it if:

  • you are about to launch a print or email newsletter
  • you feel your newsletter or enewsletter is getting stale and could do with a fresh approach
  • you are a newsletter editor looking for guidance on best practice and how to engage the reader more effectively
  • you are a junior member of an editorial team looking to develop your skills as a writer and editor
  • you have to manage people who write and edit newsletters.

Our prices
Our rates for the two sessions of this virtual course are:

Number of people Total cost Cost per person
1 to 3 £630 £210 to £630
4 £720 £180
5 £820 £164
6 £900 £150

All prices exclude VAT.

Our trainer has considerable experience of delivering virtual workshops, ensuring they are just as effective as his classroom-based courses. He has trained people based in the UK and right across the EU, as well as in countries like Canada, Turkey, India, Indonesia and Singapore.

If you are looking to develop your skills as a newsletter writer and editor, contact us today and we will talk you through the options.

Contact details
For more on our How To Write A Newsletter workshop or to make a booking for you or your colleagues, please call: 020 8773 4718.

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