writing courses for
non-native speakers
of English

In recent years, our tailored writing courses for non-native English speakers have become increasingly popular.

If you have to convey key messages in English to international audiences, we have three essential writing courses for you to consider. Each one can be fully tailored to your needs. They are:

Copywriting in English for non-native speakers
More and more organisations are choosing English to communicate with audiences around the world. As an employee of one of these organisations you may be required to write for such an audience in a language that is not your mother tongue.

This course addresses the main issues you are likely to face.

Whatever you have to write, our trainer can provide the practical tools you need to make your job easier and the end result more effective.

See: Copywriting in English for non-native speakers

Blogging for non-native speakers
No one should doubt the power of a well written blog. But, if you want your blog to be read by the largest possible international audience, you probably have to write it in English.

If English is not your first language, this course could prove invaluable.

Our trainer is a professional blogger who has trained writers from more than 25 different countries. Drawing on his considerable experience, he can set you on the path to international blogging success.

Visit: Blogging in English, for non-native speakers

Communicating with EU citizens
About half a billion people live in the European Union. Speaking more than 20 different languages, they are a highly diverse group, both ethnically and culturally.

If you have to convey information to them, you face a challenging but interesting task.

Our ‘Communicating with EU citizens’ workshop has been specially designed to help. Each session is closely tailored to match the needs of those attending.

Whether you work for government or business, for a charity or an NGO, our tutor can provide the practical tips and expert guidance you need.

Check out: Communicating with EU citizens.

And don't forget
We can run these courses for you either at Strawberry Lodge, our training centre in South London, or at your offices anywhere in the UK or the EU.

Please note, in the months ahead we will be adding to our list of writing courses for non-native English speakers.

If you are interested in learning about our plans for future courses, or you have a request for a specific course, please call us on the number below.

Contact details
If you have any questions about our courses, or wish to make a booking, please call us on: +44 20 8773 4718

Or email: margaret@strawberrytraining.co.uk

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