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Is your skillset fit for the 21st century? If not, our bespoke IT skills training courses could fill in the gaps and re-equip you for modern business life.

From time to time we all need a boost in our IT skills. That’s where Strawberry Training comes into its own. Our IT courses are delivered by experts who take the trouble to understand your needs, and then design courses to suit.

Our highly tailored IT skills training courses directly address the problems you face, in a way no off-the-shelf course can hope to match. Take your pick from:

DDA Compliance Training
Without realising it you could be failing to comply with current guidelines on making your website accessible. In this workshop we'll show you the simple measures you can take to ensure your site not only follows these guidelines but is more easily accessed by a wider range of people.

For further details please see our full course description.

Passing The Website Usability Test
Poor usability on your website could be costing you readers, customers and more importantly . . . money. Our usability expert highlights the simple, practical steps you can take to make your site less confusing and more user friendly.

To learn more please see our full course description.

Website Copywriting
When visitors reach your website do they immediately connect with its content, or do they struggle with it?

Our website copywriting expert gives you the tools to create engaging content that converts visitors into readers and readers into customers.

To learn more please see our full course description.

How To Write More Effective Blogs
If you’re planning to launch a blog, give an existing one a makeover or take your blogging skills to the next level, this course is ideal for you.

Our expert blogger will show you how to create professional blogs that draw people in and hold their attention. He’ll show you the copywriting and SEO techniques used by experienced bloggers to build a loyal reader base.

Find out more by visiting the outline for our tailored blogging course, How To Write More Effective Blogs.

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