Tailored writing courses
for PR professionals

If you work in public relations, you may be interested in our range of tailored writing courses for PR professionals.

Each one is presented by a highly experienced PR trainer and carefully adapted to your needs. These courses have been attended by people from some of the UK's top PR agencies and corporate publicity and communications units.

Take your pick from:

Writing press releases
Being able to write effective press releases is a vital skill for anyone who works in PR. Our trainer, an experienced journalism and PR professional, breaks down the art of press release writing into its essential parts.

One of our most popular PR writing courses, this workshop shows you exactly what is required to produce a successful release. In one highly interactive day you will learn how to capture an editor’s interest and generate valuable media coverage.

Please visit: How to write an effective press release.

Writing newsletters
As a public relations professional, you may be required to develop and write newsletters for clients or even for your own agency. This course provides you with a wealth of practical tips to take you safely from initial brief through to end product.

Whether you're setting up a new publication or working on one that is already established, we provide essential guidance on how to create a professional newsletter.

Whether your newsletter is published online or paper-based, this course will make a difference.

Check out: How to write an effective newsletter.

Writing articles
Writing compelling articles for newspapers, magazines and other publications is an invaluable skill for anyone in PR. This course talks you through the
key principles you must follow to write stories that editors will want to publish.

Our tutor, a highly experienced journalist, breaks down the craft of professional article writing into its basic elements. In one highly instructive day he'll show you how to gain wider coverage for clients by creating  articles that are readable, engaging and ready for publication.

See: How to write articles editors love to publish.

Writing case studies
Whether you are promoting your own PR agency or a client’s business, there are few more important tools than a case study.

A well-written case study can bring your story to life and make a powerful connection with readers. Potential customers find it easier to relate to a product or service, if they can read an authentic account of a user experience.

But to get the most from this format, you must observe certain rules and principles. This one-day workshop tells you exactly what you have to do.

Please see: How to write a powerful case study.

Writing for the web
Knowing how to write for the web is becoming increasingly important in PR. It’s a skill that deserves a place in the toolkit of every professional communicator.

This course gives you the essential tips and techniques you need to convey key messages effectively online. You will leave the training room much better equipped to write powerful web content, not just for clients, but also for your agency.

For a full course outline see: Website copywriting.

Writing blogs
If you work in PR, you may well be asked to write a blog for a client or for your agency. At Strawberry Training we offer a number of blogging courses. Two of these, in particular, could be especially relevant to you.

Both are designed to remove the pain from blogging and get your career as a blogger off to a flying start. We'll talk you through the essential steps you must take to set up and maintain a consistently interesting and readable blog.

Take your pick from:

Alternatively, tell us exactly what you're hoping to achieve with your blog and we'll develop a tailor-made blogging course to support your needs.

And remember
We can run our tailored writing courses for PR professionals either at Strawberry Lodge, our historic South London training centre, or at your place of work.

This can be anywhere in the United Kingdom or, indeed, the rest of the European Union.

Contact details
If you have any questions about our tailored PR writing courses, or would simply like to make a booking, please call us on: 020 8773 4718

Or email: margaret@strawberrytraining.co.uk

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