Develop your
writing and editing skills
with our
journalism courses

Whether you need to write articles or edit a newsletter, our journalism courses can make all the difference.

Each course is carefully tailored to your needs. We teach sound journalistic principles. We then show you how these can be applied to your articles and publications to enable you to engage the reader.

There are currently two courses from which to choose:

How To Write A Newsletter
The best newsletters are designed to serve the reader. We’ll show you how to create a publication that is packed with reader value and can therefore compete with the best.

To learn more please see our full course description.

Writing Feature Articles
In a hectic world where people have limited time for reading, the job of the feature writer can be challenging. We’ll give you the tools to rise to the challenge and produce articles that grab the reader’s attention and hold it.

To learn more please see our full course description.

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