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This is the place where our trainers have a chance to write articles on business and training that might be of general interest.

We aim to take a slightly different perspective on the world. Sometimes serious, sometimes tongue in cheek, but always seeking to add value.

Our latest business and training articles
Can a hero who saved the lives of hundreds of children spur us on to better internal communications?
Meet an extraordinary gentleman who had a valid reason for not sharing information. But for the rest of us, is there really any excuse?

Find training right for you, using a 19th century tool
When you're trying to choose the right training course, don’t overlook the benefits of older technology.

Business writing - five mistakes you never want to make
Communicating effectively through the written word can give you a big career advantage. But there are many pitfalls along the way. Here are five things to avoid when writing for business.

Web content writing and a valuable secret
You can strengthen your web writing skills by taking advantage of a simple but powerful technique. This article explains how it's done.

Why 100 writers may fail to give you good writing advice
If you're a business writer, you don't need 100 writers to tell you what to do. Just follow these simple tips and you'll find your words will connect with even the grumpiest reader.

Writing a blog – the unexpected benefits
There are many advantages to writing a blog, including some that might come as a surprise to you.

The business writing tip that defies mathematics
Sometimes business writing can seem like a science. And then along comes a tip like this that challenges one of the laws of maths.

Can committee editing undermine good business writing?
Picking up from the previous article, we consider what happens when an important principle of business writing is ignored.

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