Achieve success in
corporate communications

If you work in corporate communications you'll know it's a highly demanding field.

Our courses provide you with the skills to succeed in this challenging environment. Each draws on our trainers' many years of experience on the front line of corporate communications. Take your pick from:

Corporate Video Production
As a PR, marketing or training manager for a major company you may be asked to oversee the production of a corporate video. But if you haven't done it before, where do you start?

This workshop takes you through the process step by step to ensure you get the very best out of your video production company, while staying strictly within budget.

For more details, see: Corporate Video Production.

Develop Your Skills As A Brochure Copywriter
There is an art to writing effective corporate brochures. In one intensive day our trainer will teach you the key skills you need to communicate effectively through this medium.

Don’t write another corporate brochure till you’ve checked out this course.

Full details are provided at: Brochure Copywriter.

How To Write A Press Release
In one day we show you how to create press releases that get results. Among other things we introduce you to powerful techniques used by PR professionals to generate media coverage for their clients.

Learn more from: How To Write A Press Release.

How To Write More Effective Blogs
If you’re planning to launch a blog, give an existing one a makeover or take your blogging skills to the next level, this course is ideal for you.

Our expert blogger will show you how to create professional blogs that draw people in and hold their attention. He’ll show you the copywriting and SEO techniques used by experienced bloggers to build a loyal reader base.

For more on this tailored course see: How To Write More Effective Blogs.

Professional Copywriting Plus
If you write copy for websites, brochures, direct mail letters or advertising, or indeed for any other promotional medium, this is the ideal course for you.

We take you through the exact steps you must follow to create professional copy that inspires, persuades and sells. At the same time we equip you with powerful tools to deal with the major challenges every copywriter faces.

More information can be found at: Professional Copywriting Plus.

UK Presentation Skills Training
At some point in your career you will be asked to give a business presentation. This half day workshop removes the fear factor from public speaking. It also shows you how to convey your key messages in the most powerful and effective way.

For further details, visit: UK Presentation Skills.

Writing For An Intranet
Your intranet is a vital tool for effective internal communications. Used correctly it can boost employee motivation and engagement, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

Delivered by an experienced internal communications manager, this course offers practical tips on how to realise the benefits of the medium while sidestepping all the major pitfalls.

You can read more at: Writing For An Intranet.

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