'How To Run A Meeting'
a half-day workshop

Knowing how to run a meeting is an essential business skill.

How many meetings have you attended where things like this happen:

  • the wrong people have been invited
  • no one is clear what the objectives are
  • valuable time is wasted on unproductive discussion
  • the meeting ends with key issues still not properly covered
  • little of value is achieved
  • people leave more confused than when they arrived?

In this highly interactive, half-day workshop we equip you with tried and tested tools to ensure these and other disasters never occur at meetings run by you. We also give you the skills to ensure you contribute effectively to the event.

Bespoke training
These workshops are carefully tailored to the needs of you and your colleagues. Before the training we speak to as many of you as we can, and, where possible, to your line manager.

Our aim is to discover:

  • where you feel your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • the kind of meetings you run
  • the kind of challenges you face at such meetings.

We then use this information to design a training course that addresses your needs while being fully compatible with the in-house practices of your company or organisation.

What you learn
How To Run A Meeting uses exercises, mock meetings and review sessions to reinforce key points. Topics we cover include:

  • what makes a meeting a meeting
  • how to decide whether to call one
  • who to invite to your meeting
  • deciding how long it should run for
  • choosing the best time for your meeting
  • setting a realistic agenda
  • ensuring effective minutes are taken
  • things to do after the event
  • understanding the different types of meetings
  • understanding the different roles people take at meetings.

We will also look at:

  • setting the right tone
  • vital points you need to make at the start
  • keeping it professional
  • keeping it relevant and productive
  • getting everyone to contribute
  • knowing when to move on
  • being persuasive
  • defusing tensions
  • handling sensitive issues
  • dealing with dissenting voices
  • important things you must say at the end
  • classic meeting blunders and how to avoid them.

What you gain
By the end of the session you'll know how to run meetings that:

  • progress smoothly and efficiently
  • start and finish on schedule
  • achieve their objectives
  • end with participants feeling their time has been well spent.

Who should attend
How To Run A Meeting is suitable for groups of four to ten people. It is particularly recommended if you fall into one or more of these categories:

  • you are at an early stage in your business career and would like to add another skill to your capabilities
  • you sometimes have to run meetings and feel there is room for improvement
  • you would like to hand over responsibility for running meetings to junior colleagues, but feel they could benefit from some preparatory training.

Our prices
All prices exclude VAT. Two main options are available:

  • open course for four to ten people - £120 per person
  • group bookings for four to ten people – see table below.

Group bookings for in-company training at your workplace - or off-site at our training centre in Surrey - are charged at the following rates:

Number of People Total cost Cost per person
4 £480 £120
5 £570 £114
6 £660 £110
7 £749 £107
8 £832 £104
9 £909 £101
10 £980 £98

Please note, for in-company training at your workplace an additional fee may be charged to cover our trainer's travel expenses and, if necessary, overnight accommodation.

Contact details
For more information about How To Run A Meeting or to make a booking, please call: 020 8773 4718.

Or email: david.gabriel@strawberrytraining.co.uk

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