Writing Web Content
For Young People
- a tailored workshop

They are avid users of the internet. But how do you write web content for young people that captures and holds their attention?

How do you create online copy that is interesting and entertaining, as well as age appropriate? And how do you ensure your web pages connect with younger readers without being patronising?

Bespoke training
Our one day workshop takes you step by step through the key principles of writing websites for young people.

At the same time it steers you safely past the pitfalls that can ensnare even experienced content creators.

Writing Web Content For Young People is a bespoke training course which we can adapt for any group within the 11 to 24 age range.

Expert guidance
Whether your target readers are children, teenagers or young adults, we can deliver the expert guidance you require.

Give us as much information as you can about your site, its objectives and your intended audience. We will then develop a practical workshop to meet your needs.

Send us as many examples of your content as you can and, as part of the workshop, we will provide an expert critique of your writing. We'll highlight its strengths, while suggesting ways to make it even more effective.

What you learn
In one highly interactive day we'll show you how to:

  • adapt your words for younger audiences
  • identify topics that appeal to your target age groups
  • assess whether you are using suitable language
  • adjust your content for male and female readers
  • make serious or challenging topics more accessible
  • encourage greater reader participation.

In addition, our course will highlight:

  • the differences in the way young people browse the web
  • the issues surrounding the use of slang
  • three vital things to do on each page to engage your audience
  • 12 steps you can take to boost readability
  • the all important scissors test, and how to pass it
  • common mistakes made when writing for a non-adult audience
  • key tips on how to promote your site to a young readership.

What you gain
This course enables you to write effective copy for websites read by young people - specifically, children, teenagers and those in their early 20s.

It gives you the skills to create web content that helps you build a loyal and engaged readership.

You'll leave the session with a set of powerful copywriting tools. These will allow you to speak directly to young audiences and convey key messages to them in language they find accessible.

Who should attend
Our Writing Web Content for Young People workshops are suitable for groups of two to six. A one-to-one master class is also available.

The course is especially recommended if:

  • you are planning to launch a website for young people and want to ensure it gets off to a successful start

  • you already write for a young people’s site and want to ensure you are creating the best quality content

  • you are new to writing for young people on the web and wish to learn best practices

  • you are an experienced web writer who has been asked to write for a younger audience.

Our prices
All prices shown exclude VAT. We offer two main options:

  • a one-to-one master class - £520

  • group bookings for two to six people – see table below.

Group bookings - for training at your workplace or at our training centre in South London - are charged at the following rates:

Number of people Total cost Cost per person
2 £590 £295
3 £690 £230
4 £780 £195
5 £870 £174
6 £960 £160

Please note, for in-company training at your offices we may charge an additional fee to cover our trainer's travel and, if necessary, overnight accommodation costs.

We also offer a two day course on Writing Web Content for Young People. For more details please call the number at the bottom of this page.

Where we train
As a training provider based in the London Borough of Sutton we can run courses:

  • at our Surrey training centre - in Carshalton, just half an hour from central London
  • at your offices - anywhere in the United Kingdom or the European Union.

Our trainers have worked in every region of the UK and in most major EU countries.

They have helped to train hundreds of professionals from all sectors of the economy. That includes people from local and national government as well as from small, medium and large businesses.

If you are looking to develop your skills as a writer of web content for young people, call us today and we will discuss with you how best we can help.

What's in a name?
When we were looking for a suitable name for our workshop we were unsure which to choose. Ideas we considered included:

  • Writing Websites For Younger Audiences
  • Creating Web Pages For Young People
  • Communicating With Young People Through The Internet.

In the end we decided that Writing Web Content For Young People was the name that best sums up our workshop. We think we've made the right choice. Ultimately, of course, it's not the name that counts but the quality of the training.

On that score we have no doubts.

And finally . . .
At the end of the workshop we will issue everyone who has attended with an official course certificate to confirm their attendance.

Contact details
To learn more about our Writing Web Content For Young People course, or to make a booking, please call us on: 020 8773 4718.

Or email: bruce@strawberrytraining.co.uk

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