Our course prices

Even though our training is always tailored, our course prices remain highly competitive.

You can check our course prices by visiting the relevant course description and scrolling down. To see what's on offer take a look at our complete list of courses.

Save money with our bespoke training
It may sound strange, but our tailored training packages generally cost less than the equivalent off-the-shelf courses run by other major training agencies.

To give you one example.

A place on a one-day, off-the-shelf open web writing course with one of the other major agencies can cost you anything from £375 to £495. By contrast, a place on our open Tailored Web Writing Course will cost you just £295.

And bear in mind that our course is a tried and tested package that has been delivered to some of the biggest companies and organisations in the UK and EU.

The message is simple. By choosing Strawberry Training you not only save money, you also get a quality course that is more closely related to your individual needs.

How we calculate our course prices
Our prices vary according to three things:

  • the course subject
  • how long the course lasts
  • the type of training you require.

Course subject
Some subjects require more tailoring and pre-course preparation than others. This is reflected in our course prices. To see what titles are currently available please check our list of courses.

How long the course lasts
Most of our courses are one day. However, many can also be provided as more in-depth two-day packages, and we also have a small selection which are half day only.

To check our two-day course prices, please call the number below.

Type of training
Depending on your needs, we offer four main training options:

  • one-to-one master classes
  • open courses
  • in-company courses
  • out-of-company courses.

Here's how each works.

One-to-one master class
If you're looking for intensive individual tuition this option is ideal. Throughout the course you have the undivided attention of the trainer. He or she will have carefully tailored the course material to match your requirements.

However, these one-to-one sessions usually require a lot of preparation and there are no other delegates to help share the costs. For this reason they tend to be relatively expensive. Prices range from £315 to £725 for a master class lasting one day.

On a price per person basis, our master classes are by far our most expensive training option.

Open course
As the name suggests this type of course is open to people from any company or organisation. On a typical open course you could find someone from the world of finance or IT sitting next to someone from the energy sector or local government.

We run these courses at regular intervals, adjusting dates where practical to suit participants.

To run an open course we generally need a minimum of two people and a maximum of between six and ten, depending on the subject. Some of our half-day courses can only run if there is a minimum of four people.

Our open courses are held at our Strawberry Lodge training centre in Carshalton, Surrey in South London.

Prices range from £175 to £365 per person for a one-day open course.

In-company or out-of-company courses
These are run for groups of people from the same company or organisation. A group can be as small as two people or, in some cases, as large as 10.

In-company courses are those we run on your premises, which can be located anywhere in the UK or EU. Depending on your location, our trainers may also have to charge for travel expenses and, in some cases, overnight accommodation.

Out-of-company courses - also known as off-site courses - are those we run at our training centre in Carshalton in South London.

In both cases delegates come from the same company or organisation. These courses therefore tend to be easier to tailor which means we can generally pass on the savings to our clients.

For these the price per person starts from around £295 to £365 for two people for a day's training, but for larger numbers can drop to as little as £180 or even less.

Prices are provided on each course description page. You can find these via our complete course listings page.

Please note that all our course prices, including those listed above, exclude VAT. If you are not VAT registered, you will need to add another 20 per cent to the prices given.

Contact details
For more information on our course prices or to make a booking, please call: 020 8773 4718.

Or email: david.gabriel@strawberrytraining.co.uk

You'll find more about our course prices on the individual course description pages. You can navigate to these via the Strawberry Training list of courses.