Web content writing
and a valuable secret

If you want to find the secret to effective web content writing, where’s the best place to look?

Maybe in a book or perhaps a magazine article or YouTube video? Well it turns out there’s a much better option for you. And you’re a lot closer to it than perhaps you realise.

So where might you find this amazing option? Well, the answer is it's right inside of you.

In my opinion that's where the secret to successful web content writing really lies. And astonishingly the means by which you can decipher that secret is staring you in the face. Right now.

No, I'm not necessarily talking about this particular web page, but rather about the internet in general. Allow me to explain.

Tracking your actions
A great way to learn how to write effective content for the web is to keep track of your own actions and reactions while you surf cyberspace.

Observe what you do as you journey across the internet. Notice how you respond to the different types of web content you encounter along the way.

How you respond, can give you some special insights into what does and does not work online.

Pay attention
If you pay attention, most of the insights you are looking for are there for the taking.

What it comes down to is tracking two simple things: how you behave as you browse the net and what makes you behave in that way.

You can conduct this research any time you go online, and indeed anywhere you go on your cyber travels. However, it’s worth taking note when you venture into one type of place in particular: any unfamiliar site.

Exit at speed
Observe how you cope as a first-time visitor.

What do you do when you encounter a site you’ve never been to before? What kinds of things make you stay for a while and what causes you to exit at speed?

Every time you end a visit to an unfamiliar site sooner than planned, just stop for 30 seconds and try to understand what has made you leave.

There are a number of possibilities. It could be:

  • the information was hard to understand
  • the writing was too wordy and unfocused
  • the website promised a lot more than it could deliver
  • you felt lost in a plethora of content, menus and links.

Sudden departure
These are only a few of the many dozens of possibilities.

Whatever caused your sudden departure, each time you identify the source of the problem you learn a useful lesson in web content writing. And you'll remember not to inflict that problem on those who visit your site.

As you journey from site to site, get into the habit of noting what aspects of the content and layout enhance your surfing experience, and what aspects spoil it.

Try to determine what the good websites are doing to win your approval, and what the bad ones are failing to do.

Keep a record of every observation, good or bad, and in no time at all you will build up a treasure trove of ideas on how to do well in web content writing.

And because you've learned these ideas through personal experience, you are much more likely to remember them and apply them when appropriate.

Useful expertise
By heeding this advice you can develop useful expertise in web content writing.

Although on its own this technique cannot provide you with the full picture, it certainly offers a good introduction to the subject.

In addition, it means you are well placed to benefit from further skill development. This could be achieved by attending a well established web writing course, ideally one tailored to your individual needs.

Because you will already have useful insights into this field, you needn't waste time on a training course for beginners, but can enrol on an intermediate or even advanced course.

Continuous improvement
By building up your expertise like this you can become a skilled creator of professional web content. And best of all, you can enjoy continuous improvement as a web writer for years to come.

Why? Because every time you venture online, you get an opportunity to learn something new.

If you’d like to develop your skills in this area, you may want to look at our tailored web content writing course.

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