Copywriting in English
for non-native speakers:
tailored courses
lasting one or two days

If you write copy for an international audience, our tailored course – Copywriting in English for non-native speakers – has to be a serious option.

Many of the people we train are non-native English speakers who have a good command of the language, but may lack experience in copywriting.

Some may also need guidance on how to write for audiences who don't have English as their first language.

European-wide training
Our tutor is a highly experienced native British copywriter who has trained hundreds of non-native speakers in copywriting in English.

His courses, which he delivers across Britain and the rest of the EU, have been attended by people from more than 25 different European countries. The vast majority of those attending have English as a second language.

In the past five years he has run copywriting courses in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.

Tailored training
All courses are fully tailored to our clients’ needs.

Before preparing each session our trainer will talk to everyone attending. This helps him to understand:

  • their level of experience
  • the kinds of copy they write
  • the copywriting issues they face as a non-native speaker of English.

Get a professional critique of your writing
Our trainer also encourages those attending to bring along examples of copy they have written, for constructive review. This can either be published material or draft copy that has yet to be published.

If appropriate, he will also speak to a line manager of those attending to get an overview of their needs.

In this way he ensures that training time is used efficiently and every session is closely targeted to local requirements.

Copywriting tasks
Guidance can be provided on a range of copywriting tasks. These can include one or more of the following:

  • web, intranet or blog content
  • advertising copy
  • mailshots
  • brochures and leaflets
  • customer letters
  • articles and newsletters
  • press releases
  • case studies
  • public notices
  • speeches.

What you learn
Among other things, you will learn how to:

  • plan each copywriting task
  • adjust your copy to match the needs of different audiences
  • write in a clear and concise style
  • ensure your words have credibility and authority
  • connect with your readers and hold their attention
  • write compelling headlines, taglines and opening paragraphs
  • create persuasive calls to action.

You'll also be given essential tools to help you:

  • optimise your web content for the search engines
  • structure your messages for maximum impact
  • speed up the writing process
  • deal with writer’s block
  • produce a stream of creative ideas quickly and easily
  • find the right words and phrases to express each idea
  • ensure your text flows
  • avoid classic copywriting mistakes.

Other benefits of 'Copywriting in English for non-native speakers'
By attending this course you’ll learn how to write and edit copy at greater speed and with increased confidence.

You'll leave the session with a copywriting toolkit that takes you smoothly through the whole process. That's from first idea through to professionally written finished content.

In addition, you'll be shown powerful techniques used by professional copywriters to connect with readers, and - where appropriate – transform those readers into valued customers.

Who should attend
Our ‘Copywriting in English for non-native speakers’ course is suitable for groups of two to six people. It's also available as a one-to-one master class.

We especially recommend it if:

  • you have only recently started copywriting and would like a comprehensive overview of the topic
  • you have to write a lot of copy but you’ve never been formally trained as a copywriter
  • you have a major copywriting task coming up and you want to tighten up your writing skills before you start
  • you take a little too long to write your copy and could do with practical tips on how to speed up
  • you write for the web and want to be a more effective SEO copywriter
  • you are a translator or someone who has a good command of the English language and would like to become more involved in copywriting.

Our prices
We can run this course at our South London training centre or at your offices, anywhere in the UK or EU.

In either case, our rates for a one-day course, are:

Number of people Total cost Cost per person
1 to 3 £1,440

£480 to £1,440
4 £1,600 £400
5 £1,740 £348
6 £1,860 £310

All prices exclude VAT.

Please note, if the training is run at your workplace, an additional fee will be charged to cover our tutor’s travel and, if necessary, hotel costs. These will be charged at cost and kept to an absolute minimum.

We also offer a two-day 'Copywriting in English for non-native speakers' course. For more information please call the number at the foot of this page.

Other writing courses to consider
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Where we train
As a bespoke training provider in the London Borough of Sutton we can run our copywriting courses:

  • at our South London training centre - in Carshalton, Surrey just 30 minutes from Central London
  • at your offices - anywhere in the European Union.

To date our trainer has run courses in more than 20 cities across the EU. In so doing he has helped to train a wide range of professionals from every sector of the economy.

This includes a whole variety of communicators working in local, national and international government as well as for small, medium and large businesses. People employed by some of the world's largest companies have attended his courses.

The European Commission
Among other things, he has run numerous courses for the European Commission and its many agencies.

If you're hoping to enhance your copywriting abilities or those of your team, call us today and we’ll talk you through your options.

And finally . . .
At the end of the session our trainer will issue you with an official course certificate to confirm you have attended.

Contact details
For more on ‘Copywriting in English for non-native speakers’ or to book a course, call: +44 20 8773 4718.

Or email:

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