Blogging in English,
for non-native speakers:
a one-day workshop

So you blog in English or are planning to do so. But it’s not your first language.

Our ‘Blogging in English, for non-native speakers’ course could be exactly what you are looking for.

Professional blogger
Presented by a highly experienced professional blogger, this one-day workshop covers the key issues you’re likely to face when you blog to an international audience.

Our trainer - a native English speaker - has run writing workshops in Europe for many years. He has taught hundreds of people in more than 20 European cities how to blog or write for the web.

In the past few years he has run writing courses in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

Drawing on his wealth of experience as a writer and trainer, he will show you how to create and maintain a successful blog.

Writing and editing tools
Many of the people attending his courses have good English writing skills. However, when you blog in a language which is not your mother tongue, there can still be challenges.

To address these challenges our trainer has put together a set of indispensable writing and editing tools. These are designed to make the whole blogging experience easier and more rewarding for you.

Why blog in English?
Even though it’s not your first language, there are many reasons why you should consider blogging in English.

Firstly, the widespread use of English around the world makes it an obvious choice for those wishing to reach a global audience.

Secondly, in terms of its grammar and sentence structure, modern English has the advantage of being quite a forgiving language. As long as your blog follows certain basic principles - which are explained in the course - you still have a lot of freedom to express yourself.

The benefits of blogging
Blogs tend to be a less formal medium of communication. For that reason many people find them easier to write than the more formal kind of content that a website requires.

In addition, as a blogger, you can generally react faster to a rapidly evolving situation. For example, it’s much easier to respond in a blog to a developing news story.

As a bonus, a well written and informative blog post can be rewarded with an early and relatively high ranking on Google.

And these are just a few of the many reasons why starting a blog can be a great move.

Attract reader interest
So what can you expect if you sign up for this course?

Well ‘Blogging in English, for non-native speakers’ comes packed with a host of practical writing tips. These help you to ensure that your words:

  • are clear and accessible
  • convey your key messages effectively
  • attract and maintain the interest of readers at all times.

Our trainer will show you how to make each blog post work much harder for you. You will learn how to hold on to existing readers, while drawing in fresh audiences from the search engines and other sources.

You’ll also learn how to generate a steady flow of great ideas for your blog, so you’ll never run out of interesting things to say.

A tailored workshop
An important feature of this workshop is that it is highly tailored. Before the session our trainer will carry out a phone interview with you and any colleagues who are attending.

This helps him to understand your level of experience as a writer. It also enables him to learn about your goals for the blog and any other special requirements you might have.

Having gained this information he can then adjust and fine tune the training to meet your needs. He can include those elements that are most relevant to you and leave out those that are not.

Get an expert appraisal of your writing
If you’re already blogging, the trainer will ask you to send him a link to your blog so he can review what you have written.

If you have not yet started your blog, he will ask you to draft a sample post for him. Alternatively, you can send him examples of other types of writing you have produced.

This is an opportunity for you to get an expert appraisal of your writing from a professional in the field. You will discover where your strengths lie as a writer, but also where you need to adjust your style or approach.

Key advantages
By enrolling on this course you will learn how to:

  • plan and develop your blog for the long term
  • generate great ideas, post after post
  • create your own, unique blogging voice
  • breathe new life into your words
  • write and edit your work faster
  • deal with writer’s block
  • publicise your blog and draw in fresh readers
  • optimise your posts for the search engines
  • avoid classic blogger mistakes.

And remember, the tips you gain on this course can be applied to a wide range of blogs. Indeed, most of the lessons you learn will serve you well, whatever language you write in and whatever subject you choose to blog about.

Who should attend
‘Blogging in English, for non-native speakers’, can be run for two to six people. A one-to-one master class is also available.

We recommend this course if:

  • you are planning to blog to an international audience
  • you are a non-native English speaker who would like clear guidelines on how to blog in a language that is not your mother tongue
  • you are already blogging, but feel you could do with some new ideas and a fresh start
  • you are an experienced blogger, but would welcome a professional  evaluation of your writing to take your blog to the next level
  • you see others achieving good results by blogging and you wish to respond with a well crafted blog of your own
  • you want to promote your blog through the search engines and are interested in acquiring practical skills in SEO copywriting.

Our prices
We can deliver this course at our centre in South London or at your offices, anywhere in the UK or EU.

Our rates for a one-day course are:

Number of people Total cost Cost per person
1 to 3 £1,440 £480 to £1,440
4 £1,600 £400
5 £1,740 £348
6 £1,860 £310

Please note: these prices do not include VAT.

If the training is at your workplace, an extra amount will be charged for our tutor’s travel and, if appropriate, hotel costs. These will be kept to an absolute minimum.

We also offer a two-day workshop on 'Blogging in English, for non-native speakers'. If you'd like more details, please call us on the number at the bottom of this page.

Other courses for non-native speakers
Besides ‘Blogging in English for non-native speakers, you may be interested in two other business writing courses we run. Both are designed for writers who have English as a second language.

For more details please take a look at:

And here's another option for you
If you're unsure whether you have the time to commit to writing a blog, you might want to consider letting us do it for you.

We run a low-cost, in-house blog writing service. We can either take over an existing blog or set up and run a new one for you. Either way we will write your blog on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for as long or as short as you wish.

Our writers are professional bloggers and journalists, who have written for some of the leading names in both the public and private sectors. They are all British-based, native English speakers with the ability to create highly readable blogs.

They will ensure your blog gets off to a strong start and will continue to write it until you feel ready to take over.

If you use our services for a year, or longer, we will even throw in our blog writing course at no extra cost. This will be entirely free, provided you take the course in the UK. If the course is run elsewhere in the EU, we will charge, but only for our trainer's travel and accommodation.

Please visit: Strawberry Blog Writing Service

Where we train
As a bespoke training provider in the London Borough of Sutton we can run our courses:

  • at our South London training centre - in Carshalton, Surrey just 30 minutes from Central London
  • at your offices - anywhere in the European Union.

European Commission
Our trainer has taught a wide range of professionals from every sector of the global economy.

This includes people from local, national and international government, as well as from small, medium and large businesses. Employees of some of the world's largest companies have attended his courses.

Among other things, he has run numerous courses for the European Commission and its many agencies.

If you're hoping to enhance your blogging skills or those of your team, call us today and we’ll talk you through your options.

Contact details
To learn more about ‘Blogging in English, for non-native speakers’ or to book a course, call: +44 20 8773 4718.

Or email:

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